Insurance Sales and Leadership Program

Business Purpose: Create a company-wide sales culture conducive to revenue growth and competitive success in the marketplace.

Challenge: Changing market conditions required a shift from a service-based to a sales-based culture. In addition to managerial and employee resistance, our clients faced a challenging deadline for the implementation of a new training program.

Response: Ronin customized a competency-based, blended sales training program using e-learning and targeted classroom workshops to focus the organization on the CEO’s goals and the means to achieve them. After designing and facilitating a 5-day Leadership Development Workshop for field managers, we coached participants on leadership implementation, strategic account planning and breakthrough thinking skills.

Results: Quarterly sales figures following the training exceeded targets and the company
experienced the sales culture change required for growth. Following the success of the initial project, Ronin was retained to develop leadership and coaching programs for four additional business units.

Learning Architecture Diagram
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